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10 Mistakes I Made As A Dancer That You Should Avoid

Mistakes Made By A Dancer blog article by marcinlondon

Everyone makes mistakes. Here are the top mistakes I made as a dancer. These are not in any particular order. Try to avoid them and you will go far.

  1. Going to different teachers thinking that dance politics supersede quality

    Very often we hear about having lessons with many teachers especially before competitions, with hope to get “better” results. However, if you’re good enough, you’ll get there so it turns out it’s better to avoid lots of lessons each working on a different topic.

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  2. Having a new outfit for every competition

    Everyone wants new things at competitions. However, it’s much better to have 1 outfit that makes you look like a million dollar bill and dance in it for a while, rather than 5 that just look cheap or unfinished. If you have an idea for your outfit, maximize it to the fullest so it makes a statement.

  3. Not practicing basics at each practice

    Every dancer knows it and only so few do it. Even 10-15 minutes at each practice is better than nothing.
    Mistakes Made By A Dancer blog article by marcinlondon

  4. Thinking that I don’t fit in on a competition floor

    The brain thing! Don’t listen to it- you have as much right being on a dance floor as everybody else!

  5. Not planning each of my practice sessions

    What gets planned, gets done. Turning up to practice and winging it, will not get you any good results. If don’t know what you’re working towards, how do you know if you’ve achieved it?

  6. Not reading through all the notes I was making after dance lessons

    Do you also have millions of notes worth lots of money and time spent, but not revising them regularly or at least before your next lesson or practice?
    Mistakes Made By A Dancer blog article by marcinlondon

  7. Watching too much YouTube videos for education rather than inspiration

    Videos can be very misleading as you only see a small proportion of what they want you to see. Teaching connection and trying to learn it online so quite hard. Agree?

  8. Not having time for personal life

    It’s all about the right balance. If you don’t experience things in personal life, how can you expect to create them on a dance floor? In other words, find time to live your life as it WILL make your dancing better.

  9. Not planning all my competition in advance

    If you know what’s coming, you can prepare better.

  10. Not having a coach, but many dance teachers

    Someone who can guide you not only through technique, but the whole process of growing as a dancer. Without having a coach who puts everything together with you and for you, you’ll always wonder in the dark and hope for good results.

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What are the things that you wish you’d never done in your dancing? Leave a comment below.

Mistakes Made By A Dancer blog article by marcinlondon
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