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5 Things men who dance, can do!

5 things man who dance can do Blog article by Marcin Raczynski

There is a stereotype that dancing is for girls and football is for boys. Despite slowly getting away from this way of thinking, many boys still think that dancing is not for real men. This post is not to convince you to put on Cuban heels and sequined top, but I want to share the 5 Simple things that men who dance can offer to others.

  1. Why is he so popular?

    Well, the biggest advantage of being a male dancer is the attention you always get at parties. Whether you like it or not, if you can dance, lots of people will start chatting with you, or at least will always look your way. Take that for a great “ice breaker”.

    Men who can dance are endangered and quite rare species, which is why when you spot them, they will always catch your attention. You won’t have to start a conversation anymore because others will probably want to dance with you.

    Beware though, that once others find out you have this dancing super power, there will be no rest for you for the whole night.

    That’s the “ego and popularity” out of the way.

    71 - 5 Things men who dance, can do!

  2. I’m the boss and we do it like that!

    Interesting headline? Well, in a nutshell, every guy who dances has this great confidence about themselves when it comes to making decisions. I like to think of a dance couples as one being a car and another a driver. Let’s assume that a lady is a luxurious car (Lamborghini, not a Fiesta or a Truck which I heard before!), and the man is a driver. Then, only one can be in control of the wheel.

    When the indications (decisions) are clear, the ride is always smooth.

    So, knowing how to dance gives a man a chance to make quick decisions which then gives confidence and comfort to your partner. Win-win situation.

    However, it’s not only about learning how to react fast, but actually how to indicate to your partner what you’d like them to do in a clear, comfortable and caring way.

  3. Touch me like this!

    Men who dance and lead know very well how to adjust and give the partner enough energy to indicate what they want to do. When you want your partner to turn, you raise your arm. When you want them to come closer, you just invite them through your lead. When it’s genuine, your partner will never resist. More to that, once they feel safe in your lead, they will add their own magic!

    Beware to proceed with caution as once you start the fire, make sure you can maintain it. Sounds good?

    72 - 5 Things men who dance, can do!

  4. Bridget Jones Story!

    What does a woman want from a man? Apart from diamond rings and a gold infinity card, they want the partner to be caring, strong mentally and physically, compassionate and gentle. Of course, the list can be endless but I am restricted by your attention span so I will stick with these four.

    The way that good male dancers think (most of them) is that they want to make their partner feel the most amazing on a dance floor. Combining physicality, decisiveness and care, makes the partner feel safe. It’s not about who is stronger, but who can use their strengths to make the other one better.

  5. Chiseled like the ruins of Rome!

    First of all, dancing will not give you the Schwarzenegger’s body, but it will teach you how to use the body you have.

    You gain the control and power at the same time.

    By knowing how to use specific muscles as well as dance for your partner, every male dancer learns to manage their body language much better and uses it when needed. You certainly don’t get that from pumping iron at the gym.

    1 - 5 Things men who dance, can do!

In summary, men who dance develop skills which they can use on the dance floor and in their life. From confidence and popularity, awareness of touch and sensitivity to great control of muscles, dancing not only makes men more masculine but it also makes them better people.

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