Coaching and Planning

Coaching & Adjudicating

To achieve results in competitive dancing (pro-am or open), not only do you need to practice, but also have a main coach who will guide you throughout. 

From creating your choreograpies, designing your practice sessions and dance schedule, planning competition season to advice on outfits and choosing other team members to make you a dancer you want to be. Growing as a dancer is a team work and I know what it takes to help you succeed.

“Dancing is a process and I found there is not much stuff out there to help dancers learn every day at their own pace. Most of the videos or books require you to be of advanced level obove, which is why I created a Dancer’s Guide series of:

All this to give you a chance and opportunity to become the best dancer you can be.”

Dance Coaching and Adjudicating in London

What are the benefits of having a dance coach?

  • Clear structure to your dancing
  • Monitoring progress to achieve the best results
  • Help with making dance decisions
  • Planning dance competition season
  • Building a strong team that is there to support you