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My dance teacher and I at a lesson with a legendary dancer

Dance lessons with guest teachers in ballroom latin and smooth blog article by marcinlondon

Building a pro-am partnership is a lengthy process and to make you really stand out you need to be clever about decisions you make. Dance lessons with “guest teachers” is something you should consider.

You should have a regular pro-am teacher however he/she may suggest you take dance lessons with guest teachers to make you even better. Any pro or amateur couple go to different dance teachers for information and inspiration. It’s no different in pro-am. However, should you go to these lessons alone or also invite your regular pro-am teacher? Hmmm… let’s find out.

123 - My dance teacher and I at a lesson with a legendary dancer

Benefits of inviting your regular teacher to dance lessons with “dance legends”:

  1. It’s far less intimidating for you to go with “your favourite pro” 🙂 than alone, so you will feel more comfortable and by default you will dance better.
  2. Your teacher will have a clear plan of what YOU need to get out of the lesson to keep in line with you current progress. The guest teacher won’t know you as well, so they may start talking about things that may not be as important for you at that moment in time. The two teachers will work TOGETHER to make YOU better.
  3. Your teacher will hear the same information as you, so he will help you remember all. Even if you don’t understand something, he will be able to explain in more details afterwards so the information will not be lost.

    125 300x199 - My dance teacher and I at a lesson with a legendary dancer

  4. If you go alone, you will only be able to share with your regular teacher your interpretation of the information. This is more tricky to then implement as you may have missed some important points from the bigger picture.
  5. Your regular teacher will be able to adjust the new knowledge and “drip feed” you the ideas throughout your dance lessons afterwards. So he will make sure you practice everything you learnt, developing only good habits and correct muscle memory, at the right pace.
  6. Your regular teacher will only see so much when he dances with you. So having another person seeing you from the side, will give you the chance to improve not only yourself as a dancer, but also as a dance couple.
  7. You really train as a couple and the other teachers will start seeing you that way. After all pro-am is about a strong partnership, trust and great connection.

126 300x200 - My dance teacher and I at a lesson with a legendary dancer

Some time ago I also wrote an article about difference between a coach and a dance teacher. Do you know which one you have? You can find it HERE.

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One thought on “My dance teacher and I at a lesson with a legendary dancer

  1. How true Marcin! The only thing that the workshop becoming four times more expensive if not more as u have to pay to the dance teacher as for a private lesson. But the pleasure of workshop that it is relatively cheap. And I have to pay my dance teacher as for a private lesson it will be better to invite the guest teacher to coach us as a couple . In US I paied got u to do workshop with me but in fact I hardly danced with u. Fir my money you were passed from bone to another lady who got u for free! Thank u! Will never repeat thT again!

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