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Dance Teacher or Dance Coach? Role In Your Dancing

Dance Teacher or Dance Coach? Role In Your Dancing blog article by marcinlondon

Did you know that a dance teacher and a dance coach are two different things? Here I want to share with you the main differences you should look out for. It will give you a good idea of how to work with your teacher or coach.

In simple turns teaching is about one way communication where a dancer receives information, keeps nodding and says “yes”- just like at school. Coaching on the other hand involves a dialogue between you and your coach with questions and ideas being asked continuously.

Any teacher can easily say they do dance coaching, but in reality only few have the skills, mindset and knowledge to become real coaches.

A question may come to your mind now Do I have a dance teacher or a dance coach?

Dance Teacher

  • focus is on the teacher and their expertise in dance
  • impersonal approach
  • tells you one best way to dance
  • not involved in anything else you do other than dancing at your lessons
  • shares knowledge there and then at your dance lesson

Dance Coach

  • focus is on you and adjusting the knowledge to what you’re capable of
  • personal and adapted to you
  • finds lots of options and observes you to tailor what you need in your dancing
  • interested in what you do to get a better picture of how to make you a better dancer
  • mentors, guides, plans and builds trust with you as a person and dancer

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As you can see, dance coaching is very different to dance teaching. When you go to lessons to a guest teacher, they will not know you or invest in you as much as a dance coach. It’s a great example of a one time transactional relationship- pay in exchange for information and leave. By all means, you may learn a lot and the knowledge is valuable. it’s not that dance teachers aren’t doing enough, but the approach is just different.

BTW, here is another post to help you get the most of your dance lessons with guest teachers.

10 Rules Of Taking Lessons With A Guest Teacher

It’s impossible for every dance teacher to coach each single student. But what you should realize is when your mentor goes that extra mile and spends time and energy to make you the dancer you want to be. Dance coaches can’t do it for everybody, so if you have it, understand that they’ve given you something a lot more valuable and rare than just teaching.

Do you have a dance coach? If so, leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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  2. I now realised that I have a dance coach! And a very good one! I prefer to have a coach who cares, plans and not just does lessons.

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