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What If My Friends And Family Don’t Understand Why I Dance?

What If My Friends And Family Don't Understand Why I Dance? blog article by Marcin Raczynski marcinlondon

Every single dancer knows the struggle of explaining to their friends and family why dancing is way more than a hobby. But no matter what you say, they simply won’t get it. So what then?

Passion and loving something is incredibly rare these days. Isn’t it amazing to meet someone who dedicates his life to one thing, whatever that may be- dancing, collecting stamps or painting etc. And I don’t mean doing it once per week, but constantly thinking how to reach higher goals and improve. Is it how you feel about dancing?

Hard part is that dancing is one of these things which doesn’t produce a painting, or a song, or a sculpture at the end so the journey is never ending…

Have you heard these before from your relative and friends?

“You spend so much money on dancing, you could buy a house now instead” or “don’t you spend too much time dancing?”

I hear these all the time! Funnily enough, it’s actually friends and family who ask these questions the most. So as a dancer you need to find ways to deal with it. Here are 3 thing you should remember:

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  1. Share your passion selectively

    If you tell everyone about what you do, you open yourself up to criticism and judgement. People may do it out of their own insecurity, jealous or care (as weird as it sounds). They may also be other dancers who will just bring you down every time you have a new goal. I’m sure we have all met such people, haven’t we?

    Someone once said to me: if you get to your goal, tell everyone, if you don’t they don’t have to know!

    Find people who share the same love for dance as you do an surround yourself with their energy. Perhaps another option may be to cut those with constant negative energy out of your life (or at least your dancing life).

  2. Accept that some people simply won’t see what you see4 250x300 - What If My Friends And Family Don't Understand Why I Dance?

    You have your own vision of where you want to be. Others may just have different priorities in their lives. They will never understand why you want to buy a new Ballroom dress costing a small fortune. For them your dancing is just “a temporary hobby” for you it may be everything.

    You may have tried explaining why you love dancing so much but they just don’t seem to get it. Well, accept it and you will be a happier person.

    You know where you want to be so go there as this is what matters the most.

  3. You can’t make everyone happy

    Our families and friends are very important to us, but you just can’t “save the World” every time. Doing something that others don’t support, spending all your time and money on dancing may be difficult to understand. However, at the end of the day, your happiness should always be the most important thing.


    5 200x300 - What If My Friends And Family Don't Understand Why I Dance?

    It’s perfectly OK to put yourself first.
    Remember- you live only once so keep doing what makes YOU happy!

 There is no simple recipe but most importantly you should know that every dancer goes through it and you are NOT alone!

I hope these may help you and give a little bit of inspiration. You can also read what other top dancers would say HERE. Share it and pass on the message.



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