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Funny Things Dance Teachers Say

Funny Things Dance Teachers Say Blog article by marcinlondon

A relationship between you as a dancer and your dance teacher is great to observe and funny to listen to. As with anything, it grows and you start noticing specific things about your teacher that you love, hate or both. Sometimes we resist when it comes to the challenging tasks a teacher expects of you. But on the other hand we love the results when we choose to listen.

Here are 22 funny things that dance teachers say at your lessons or competition:

  1. Do it again!

  2. Move your left foot- the other left!

  3. No you can’t wear your practice shoes.

  4. That’s a little bit better.

  5. Touch me like you mean it!

  6. Don’t look down- there’s nothing down there for you.

  7. One more time, from the top!

  8. Your job is not to think.
    Funny Things Dance Teachers Say Blog article by marcinlondon

  9. If you’re not counting the music, do you expect me to do it for you?

  10. Relax your upper body, but don’t lean on him. He’s not a shelf.

  11. Where are you looking?

  12. More sparkle.

  13. If you close your legs for a change, it may get better

  14. Be more submissive but independent at the same time!

  15. More, more, more! Don’t stop! More!

  16. If you fall, chest out, leg extended!

  17. Move your bum!

  18. On my command, you shall move.
    Funny Things Dance Teachers Say Blog article by marcinlondon

  19. Did I ask you to stop?

  20. Is it new dance technique you’ve invented?

  21. No you may not have water yet! You’re not gonna die of dehydration after a 2 minute dance.

  22. Music isn’t just a background noise. Would you like to try again and dance to it!


Dance coaches and teachers form a skeleton of every dancer. They try to explain different ideas using all possible ways. Frequently, I dread to think what someone would say if they overheard the things dance teachers say, out of context 🙂 However, all that adds to a very special and memorable journey of your dancing.

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