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How do you know dancing is life?

how do I know dancing is life blog article by marcin raczynski

For some people dancing is literally the most important thing in their lives. No matter the time, no matter the costs, without dancing life cannot continue. Are you one of them?

I spoke to different dancers about their obsession with Ballroom / Latin / Smooth / Rhythm. These people had one thing in common- they were absolutely obsessed with dancing. Here are 10 most common characteristics of dancers for whom dancing is as important as breathing. 

1. Everyday is a practice day

It doesn’t really matter where you are, you simply need to do a few dance moves. Walking through a supermarket, pushing a trolley, and suddenly doing your rumba walks in the cheese section… Brushing your teeth in the morning and running through your Waltz choreo in your head? 

2. Smell of fake tan and hair spray bring back the best memories

Just a bit of hair spray in the morning, takes you all the way to the dancing scene. Dancers never complain about too much hair spray… In fact, there can never be too much hair spray!

3. Understanding the meaning of “stoning”

Putting Swarovski crystals on a dress is perhaps one of the most relaxing and therapeutic things a dancer can do. If it were possible to “stone” everything, a dancer would do it. 

129 - How do you know dancing is life?

4. Never giving up 

Even though dancing makes us cry, question why bother and just hate the practice at times, we just keep going. Oh the feeling, when you’re so sure of quitting forever, but actually still scheduling next lesson the following day… 

5. It’s all about feeling and counting the music

First we all think, which dance we could do to a tune we hear. Is that a jive or hustle? Then whenever you hear a song, you automatically start counting the beats. Many dancers will also pay attention to phrasing of music. Have you ever tried doing it whilst running and listening to music? I must look like I’m having a mini fit every few seconds when someone sees me on a treadmill. 

6.  Sense of accomplishment when a judge looks at you and smiles at a competition

Even though judges don’t say anything to you, but a smile they send your way means you’re amazing and everything you’d done was well worth it. Oh and then when you check the result sheets, you notice they didn’t give you any marks. Story of our lives?

7. Waiting 5 hours at a competition to dance for a few minutes is not a problem

These 4 am starts to have the hair and make up done, then waiting for your chance to perform “adds” to the adventure. Then waiting 15 minutes at a doctors surgery for your appointment is an utter nightmare. 

130 - How do you know dancing is life?

8. Dance videos on YouTube are simply the best

How to make time fly? Just keep watching dance videos. Then imagining yourself doing the same choreos. In your head you can do the same as Dance World Champions you’ve just seen (until you get up and try it). Thank God, videos on YouTube are free otherwise we’d all be broke. 

9. It’s a passion, not a hobby

Does it irritate you when someone says to you “oh this dancing you do is such a lovely hobby”? Well, there is no point even trying to explain how it’s NOT a hobby but your “oxygen“! They won’t get it anyway. 

10. You currency is “dance currency”

How many new competition dresses or dance lessons could I get for that instead? Does it sound familiar? Strangely, as a dancer you don’t think twice about spending hundreds of pounds on a new dance dress, whereas spending £20 on something non-dance related is suddenly a big dilemma. 


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