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Inspiration vs. Motivation For A Competitive Dancer

Inspiration vs. Motivation For A Competitive Dancer blog article by marcinlondon

Motivation and inspiration are two things that every dancer seeks. All successful competitive dancers know the difference between the two very well.

Dancers and non-dancers get inspired by watching others. When you see another dance championships final, do you feel like you want to get straight to the studio and practice your dancing? Every single time you need a little boost of inspiration, you can just surf through thousands of YouTube videos featuring your favourite performers.

However, a few days or weeks after buzzing with inspiration, the day-to-day routine of practice and repetition starts affecting your excitement. Your dance heroes that you have watched lately are off the radar and their dance performance is becoming history. Every successful dancer knows this feeling!

Inspiration vs. Motivation For A Competitive Dancer blog article by marcinlondon

This is where motivation comes into play. As a dancer you can find inspiration anywhere from sculptures, paintings music videos, dance competitions etc. Motivation, on the other hand, is actually something just in front of you. Yes! In simple terms, if you’re a silver level dancer, you should be motivated to work towards gold. If you’re a gold level already, maybe it’s time to start with open choreographies.

The best tip for you as a dancer to have the right level of both, is to keep getting inspiration regularly and look for it all the time. BUT that inspiration should help you to focus on your next target and objective that you set up. At every competition, watch dancers performing in the event that is next level to yours. It will help you visualize what work you need to do to get there.

The best person to motivate you is in fact a dancer that is just a little bit better than you. Can you already think of someone like that?

Successful dancers inspire themselves to dream big. At the same time, they know well how to stay motivated to train every day to reach these dreams!

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