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4 Reasons To Write Everything Down After Dance Lessons

my dance journal and dance diary by marcinlondon

Every successful dancer takes notes after lessons and practices. Pen and paper may have been ditched for mobile apps and to-do-lists but actually old-school writing is a lot better for you!

Here are 4 reasons why you should write everything down after your dance lessons.

  1. You learn and discover more

    Writing things down will make you process everything your dance teacher told you and convert it into your own words. You start to understand information on a deeper level and may even “branch out” to find alternative ways about what you studied with your dance teacher.
    On another hand, when you type things on your laptop or mobile, your brain goes in an “autopilot mode” where it simply tries to offload information without necessarily understanding it.

  2. You remember bettermy dance journal and dance diary by marcinlondon

    Believe it or not but if you put pen to paper and write things down you will not only remember it better but also recall it much quicker. Kind of like a memory boost just because you wrote things down.
    So when you discuss with your teacher the mechanics of a forward walk in rumba, write it down, so then you can remember all these tiny details better and keep reviewing it until it becomes muscle memory.

  3. You focus better

    Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and more apps are like a drug. Admit it- the first thing you do after your dance lesson is checking your phone. I do (albeit to frequently just find a message from my network provider 😉 ).

    Anyway, these distractions will not help you retain information well. There is a reason why studying in a peaceful and quiet environment helps to focus more. Why would it be any different for taking notes after dance lessons?

  4. You “offload” extra information

    Do you ever feel like your brain is going to explode after an amazing dance lesson when you learnt sooo much? It’s like being thrown 10 balls and trying to catch them. Your brain works 100 miles per hour and it needs to slow down. So when you write things down not only do you put all your learn in order, but it also helps your brain relax.

my dance journal and dance diary by marcinlondon

To be fair, I am also guilty of having used my note app on mobile. But actually I realized it’s useless. Now I have over 300 notes there and I doubt I will be surfing through them anytime soon. Are you the same?

This is why I designed a journal, My Dance Journal™, specifically for Ballroom, Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm dancers that will do all of the above and much more. I love taking notes and for me it’s a perfect journal, I bet you will love it too.

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