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My Dance Journal™

Don’t you hate it when you spend hours writing your notes after dance lessons only to never find it again? Even if you have them in one place, how likely are you to look at them again? 

Now imagine having one journal that solves this problem! Record all you learn and easily review your notes so you never forget anything with the journal that keeps it in clear view.

With the most important steps that every dancer takes, from planning competitions, writing notes after your lessons to designing your outfits and more, you will gain the control over your dance development. 

Benefits of My Dance Journal™

After each lesson and practice write down everything that you have noticed or learnt. Then keep it always at hand to review before your next dance lesson.

Really easy to follow and quick to prepare. Perfect to help you plan your sessions, keep you focused and ensure you always know what you’re working on. No more wasting time figuring out what to do.

Place to write down all your upcoming competitions and plan everything around them. Now you know your next performance is only a few months away so time to plan lessons with your teacher.

Keep record of the placings and results you achieved at dance competitions. This way you know how you’re improving and how much you’ve accomplished. 

Don’t you hate it when you go to a comp and forget to take something? Here is a list of all your necessities for a dance competition. Just tick as you pack your dance stuff.

Dancing is an emotional roller coaster. Everyone needs a bit of motivation. Here are some unique quotes and tips related to your dancing, practicing, struggles and performances.

You’re at a dance competition, spot a fantastic dress and want to use some ideas. Here are the drawing templates to sketch your next dancing dress and show to your teacher and dress maker.

Keep it perfectly organized, find it in a second and quickly review specific notes before your next lesson. Here you can write titles and page numbers for anything you want to have quick access to in your Journal. 

About My Dance Journal™

It’s all about simplicity, better productivity after lessons and style.

My Dance Journal™ is a perfect combination of a planner and a personal diary. With the easy to follow top things to remember from each lesson, recording your dance homework and questions, it also gives you a chance to dig deeper into your understanding of dance, and write it all down- just how you see it!

The hardcover with a unique black and red finish, ribbon marker, sewn binding and high quality paper make this journal artistic and elegant, highlighting your creative side. The font, page design and plenty of space to write gives an airy feel that is clutter-free.


Dimensions: 5.8” x 8.3”


157 Pages

A ribbon marker

Lay-flat binding

Cloth-over-boards finish

2019 Calendar inside


The technology is going forward and everyone has a smartphone these days. So why is this supposedly a better option for you?

Well, there was great research done on how writing notes on paper helps to remember more, compared with typing on mobiles or laptops. What did they find:

          You focus more when writing on paper

          Principles and concepts are better understood and remembered

          Paper notes are easier to review and recall

Also, we live in a World of social media and everybody knows how distracting these can be. Ever got tempted by a text or a notification when typing notes on mobile? This however takes your precious focus away. Secondly, it takes forever to find anything in your notes on mobile. In all honesty, most of us type them in, but never get back to it so they get lost forever. 

Very simple and very useful! I love My Dance Journal! Thank you Marcin <3

Pro-Am Dancer

Exactly what I needed! Only wish I got it earlier so maybe I'd be a better dancer now 😉

Pro-Am Dancer

I was a bit skeptical about it at first but now I can say that this journal has it all! 

I wish it had even more pages though as I love taking lots of notes from my lessons. 

Amateur Dancer

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My Dance Journal is currently being updated to launch a new version in 2020. If you are interested to pre-order your copy with new exciting features, drop me a message contact me

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