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Being The Only Boy In A Dance Class

Being the only boy in a dance class blog article by marcinlondon

Being the only boy in a dance class may be tough for a dancer, but incredibly good actually. You may wonder why… Well, below are the reasons to answer this question.

When I went to my first dance class, I thought that everyone would be as excited as I was. Then it turned out to be only my fantasy. In fact, I was picked on my dancing a lot because it wasn’t seen as the most “masculine” sport for a boy. When others were playing football, I preferred staying at home in front of a mirror to practice my hip action or rise and fall. Oh, it wasn’t all rainbows and glitter, because kids can be cruel. But I continued…

Why am I telling you this? Well, because I’ve been there and I know how your boy may feel. However, I now want to tell you why it’s actually great to be the only boy in a dance class.
Being the only boy in a dance class blog article by marcinlondon

  1. Being unique

    When 100 boys play football, another 100 do rugby and others play computer games. Do you want your boy to be an “average Joe” in today’s competitive world of high-achievers? Is it worth signing him up for a sport so he “fits the mould“?
    When I go out now and meet new people, I am surrounded by engineers, doctors, office workers. So whenever I say I am a dancer, all eyes are on me! Simple!

  2. Extra focus from teachers

    If a boy is in a dance class, it shows he’s interested (unless his mum just forced him to do it). Seeing he’s the only boy will shake his spirit a little bit. This is why teachers and parents must nurture him and encourage as much as possible. For that reason, boys always get more attention, which means they try and work harder.

  3. Being loved by all the girls

    Simply, the boy will be surrounded by young lady dancers who love to dance and understand his passion for it. Girls who dance never tease boys for dancing so he will definitely be in a safe and encouraging environment. Seeing girls growing up and progressing, will push his dancing even further.
    Being the only boy in a dance class blog article by marcinlondon

If I could give a piece of advice to “the only boy dancers“, enjoy the extra attention you get from everyone, take as much correction from your dance teacher and focus on your growth as an athlete and dancer. Those who pick on you now, may be important at the moment, but trust me, they will stop sooner than you think.

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