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6 Top Reasons Why Dancers Fail

Why do dancers fail at dance competitions? Blog article by Marcin Raczynski

Every dancer who enters the competitive dance scene wants to win and be the best. I can’t imagine there’s anyone who intentionally wants to fail. Can you?

Very often however you hear many dancers claim that although they’ve been working very hard, they don’t win the trophies they think they deserve.


Once a dancer doesn’t win, it’s time to face it. What happens next? Dancers, teachers and parents will look for simple reasons to explain the bad results. The most common reasons that dancers and parents identify are:

  • not enough practice

  • not trying hard enough

  • too good dancers in your heat

  • it’s the teacher’s fault

Many open competitors, pro-am dancers and children train a few times per week, have regular dance lessons and group classes. So what happens at dance competitions that they suddenly struggle to perform, leaving them (and parents) frustrated and disappointed.

Why do dancers fail at dance competitions? Blog article by Marcin Raczynski

Here are the Top Reasons Why Dancers Fail To Perform:

  1. Counting the music and your marks but not making the dance count.

    Many dancers go to competitions with so much worry and stress about winning and beating other dancers. Even at practices, what you hear is comparison to other dancers. Unless you fully focus on yourself and your performance at the competition, the success you want will not be forthcoming.

    When you’re about to step on a dance-floor- PERFORM and don’t think of anything else.

  2. Coming to dance practice but not really being there.

    Life of a dancer is not pink and fluffy with enthusiasm at 150% every single time you dance- it’s normal. Everyone has “bad days”. If you come to a class or your dance lesson, already thinking about other things- going out, dinner, party, then you should just go and do it. Being just present is not enough. If you want to be successful dancer, commit to your dance lesson fully!

    Give everything you can to everything you do!

    Why do dancers fail at dance competitions? Blog article by Marcin Raczynski

  3. Inconsistency in training.

    It’s common sense that the more frequently you train at your best, the more sustainable the results will be. Your peak becomes your norm. If you perform your best at 1 dance lesson out of 5, you may struggle against someone who does their best in all 5 lessons out of 5. Remember, you make this choice!

  4. Doing only the fun things.

    We usually love doing things we are good at, but unfortunately not always do they help with our weak points. For example, at the beginning of your practice, you may decide to do a few laps around the dance floor doing walks. It’s your CHOICE which walks you do… Unfortunately, most of the time, dancers will do rumba walks with sloppy arms and low muscle toning. What happened to walks in all the other dances which also need improving?

  5. “I’ll do it at the competition”.

    This is a well-known myth in dancing when at your lessons or practices you say to yourself (or teacher) that you will do on the comp day. Will you though? It’s very unlikely that suddenly your arms or feet, or head, or frame improve by tenfold just because you said so.

    Ask your teacher to make your training more challenging and demanding than the competition

    , so then you will perform your best when it counts.

    Under pressure, we don’t rise to the level of our expectations. we fall to the level of your training

    Why do dancers fail at dance competitions? Blog article by Marcin Raczynski

  6. Self-doubt.

    Dancers are really emotional people and harsh critics. If you doubt what you do and your dancing, everyone watching you will do too. You must accept who you are and always value the little steps you are taking to change you as a dancer. If you want to gain more confidence, train as hard as you can, take regular lessons, commit to group classes and practices- the results will come! However,

    it starts from loving who your are!


If you’re tired of going to dance competitions and coming last even though you know you are better than that, then make a decision and change how you do things!

Remember- don’t just count the music, make the dance count!

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Photography: Maggiore Fotografico

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