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8 Best ways to keep your sweating under control when dancing

How to reduce sweating when dancing blog article by Marcin Raczynski

Everyone says that sweating is good because it helps to regulate your body temperature and cool it down. However, sweating is also every dancer’s nightmare. You look like a million dollar bill before getting onto the dance but just a few steps later, your perfect look is gone as if you just had a shower. Or, you’re worried so much and your hands get very sweaty so instead of enjoying the party, you’re just praying that noone will mind it. Sounds familiar?

Well, sweating is not a bad thing but can be embarrassing. I sweat a lot so throughout my dancing career I had to find ways to minimize it or mask it. Here is what I did:

  • Take breaks

If you’re at a social dance party, take a break after every 2 dances. Go out, refresh so every time you step back on the dance floor, you’re not out of breath or dripping in sweat. Always looking presentable and fresh.
Same applies when you’re at a competition. Make sure you that in between dances, you keep reapplying your make up to ALWAYS look your best!

  • Fans

You can get a small portable, battery-operated fan. It saved me many times (and also lots of people were borrowing it from me). Here is one you can get from Amazon- click HERE. It’s also great for ladies to use under the ballroom dresses which have lots of layers.

How to reduce sweating when dancing blog article by Marcin Raczynski

  • Spare shirt

When you dance at a comp or go out to a social party, bring a spare shirt with you so when you feel drenched, just change it. 100% lightweight cotton is the most breathable fabric, so try to get your shirts made of that. However, not many dance outfits are made of cotton, so it’s good to have spare ones.

  • Feet

Have you ever noticed that when your feet are cold, the rest of the body cools down too. So in between rounds at a dance competition, take your shoes off and put your feet on a cold surface.

  • Pocket a handkerchief

Every dancer should have a small towel or a handkerchief with them. Dabbing will keep most of your make up on, so after using it, make sure you retouch your face.

How to reduce sweating when dancing blog article by Marcin Raczynski

  • Use your energy wisely

At a social dance party, don’t go wild and throw all the most difficult lines or stretches- it will get you exhausted fairly quickly. Instead just relax and dance socially.

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  • Medicated antiperspirant

If you feel your sweating is really out of hands and excessive, consider using roll on antiperspirant with aluminium chloride (aluminium chloride hexahydrate). It’s used for over sweating of palms, feet or armpits. You can buy it in a pharmacy and it’s very inexpensive. It works overnight so the next morning you simply don’t sweat anymore- it’s done wonders to many people I recommended it to, including myself.

  • Drink a lot of water

It’s obvious that when you sweat a lot, you should keep rehydrating your body with water. What it does, it will make your sweat more dilute and it will smell a lot less or not at all. Your partner may not mind the sweat, but they may not be so keen on a strong smell.

In summary, some people sweat more than others and when you apply the tips I described, sweating should be much less of a problem. Now you can focus on your dancing rather than worrying about sweating. Don’t be embarrassed and never let it stop you from doing what you love!

What do you do to reduce sweating and look great at a dance competition or social party? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

How to reduce sweating when dancing blog article by Marcin Raczynski

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