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How to Make Your Online Dance Lessons Super Effective?

how to make dance online dance lessons effective blog article by marcin raczynski

Life is like a roller coaster- you can either scream every time there is a bump or you can throw your hands up an enjoy the ride

All dance schools are closed. No space to practice, no partners to dance with and annoy and we’re stuck at home… oh hell, it sucks!

As soon as everything shut down, dancers jumped on the ways to teach and learn online. Ballet, maybe; jazz, yeah will work; zumba, already done it, Ballroom dancing- after my dead body! Yeah that’s what I thought at first. Then I tried it and in this I post you will learn how to structure your dance lessons online with your teacher to make them much more effective during coronavirus pandemic (covid-19).

  1. TRY IT at least once

    You literally have two options- either learn online with your teacher or wait until dance schools reopen. If you choose the latter, don’t ever ask your teacher how to be a dance champion! Seriously, just try it and open your mind. It will be different but you will improve A LOT!
  2. Keep it short, about 30-40 minutes top.

    The whole point is to keep you focused and interested so you know the less time you have, the more we get to do. Do you remember how you managed to finish your essays or projects just minutes before deadline? If you’re a geek check out Parkinson’s law.
    Instead of having 1.5hrs per week, would it not be better to have 3 x 30 minutes per week and constantly being reviewed by your teacher? Think about it! 🙂
  3. Divide your lesson into sections

    Get your teacher to explain what you’re going to do today so you get mentally ready. The way I split them is:
    A. Base– 10 minutes basic step to music in whichever dance you practice
    B. Progress– 10 minutes new step/new technique
    C. Consolidate– 10 minutes of practice the new info with or without music (better with music, even slow one)
  4. Set objectives for each lesson with your teacher

    If you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve by the end of the lesson, how the hell are you gonna know you’ve achieved it?? It’s equally important for online dance lessons to have these as you would during “a normal” lesson in a studio. Simply, ask your teacher at the beginning- “what are we gonna learn today?”.
  5. Use music

    Given there is a short amount of time, it’s VERY easy to just chat for 30 minutes. Avoid it unless you specifically state at the beginning that it’s going to be a purely informational lesson. We dance because we love music. Music inspires us, wakes us up, makes us feel good. So make sure there is always music in your dance lessons. Get your teacher to share his music with you via Zoom.

    Online dance lessons 300x251 - How to Make Your Online Dance Lessons Super Effective?

    At first I wasn’t sure how online dancing would ever go, because Ballroom is all about lead, follow, connection, togetherness and what have you. But now I LOVE it! It opens a brand new way of learning that will change forever. Learn from anybody across the world and get inspired! Thanks to online lessons there is literally no more geographical border of who you can take lessons with. 

    PS. I use Zoom as it seems to be the best platform at the moment because of the functions- music sharing, waiting room when lessons are back to back and recording the whole dance lesson. Download the Zoom app before your lesson as the video quality is much better than just opening the app through a link. 

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