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What should you expect at a private dance lesson?

Private dance lessons structure blog article by marcin raczynski

Is there some sort of formula to get the most of our private dance lessons? Here is what you should expect when taking 1-2-1 dance classes:

  1. Every dancer needs something different

    When you start with private dance lessons, your teacher will hopefully help you create some objectives and goals. If they haven’t, asked them! Otherwise, what’s there to look forward to?
    What you learn and how much your teacher tells you depends on the following things:
    – your age
    – your personal goals
    – your level of dancing
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  2. Back to basics

    Individual lessons are there to really challenge dance students by giving them undivided attention. The purpose of that is QUALITY. How to improve quality? By starting every lesson with technical exercises that over time will pay off. That’s probably the hardest part, because as a student, it’s far more sexy to dive straight into complicated choreographies rather than repeat same exercise over and over again. Sounds familiar?

    If you want to be a better dancer, beg your teacher to start every lesson with 15 minutes of technical drills!

  3. Homework time

    Just like being back at school. At the end of each lesson you teacher should give you homework to work on. You should never leave your lesson without knowing what to practice before your next session with the teacher.

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  4. Writing time

    During your lesson, a teacher will gradually drip-feed you more and more information. We don’t hide anything from you, but we want to protect you from being overwhelmed and stressed with too much information. For that reason, make sure you ALWAYS write things down after the lesson. Writing helps to remember things mentally, so then you can practice it. If you don’t do both, don’t expect miracles!

    Have a look at MY DANCE JOURNAL here, as it gives the perfect way to keep all your dance notes from lessons in one place.

Many dancers take private lessons to work on their choreographies and competitions. Very often with moves, they can’t manage. It’s really important, that as teachers we help students recognize when they’re ready for it, and PLAN their private dance lessons, based more on “what they need” than “what they want”.

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